Quickly build read-only APIs for your WordPress site.

a Pressjitsu, Inc. product

Build CSV, XML, JSON API endpoints for all your WordPress-related data using a simple user-interface. No programming skills required. Built-in filtering and searching, billing and authorization. Over 100 data source modules and components, fast and knowledgeable support and on-demand development services available.

vs. WordPress REST API

The WordPress REST API is a bit of a hassle really. There is absolutely no user interface other than a well-documented code API. Ain’t nobody got time for that! The WordPress REST API does not provide any of the powerful features that bridges provides. The API does not support CSV, XML and other formats, has a rigid structure that is hard to change. No custom URLs either. Ugh.

vs. custom PHP code

We’ve seen this done many times. Developers create PHP files with inline WordPress loads and maybe use the $wpdb global to fetch some information. Others use inline SQL and read the wp-config.php, creating security issues and maintainability headaches. Let the kitten-killing cease! Use bridges as the most flexible read-only API generator.

bridge-producer.zip version 0.1.x-beta (free)

100+ supported sources

WordPress Posts, Comments, Gravity Forms, BuddyPress, Woocommerce and many more supported static and dynamic data  sources. Function calls, API proxies, you name it – WordPress bridges has integrations for it. Your data, your rules. And lighting fast performance!

Billing and Authentication

Secure API access management, usage billing, throttling, reporting and consolidation. Monetize your WordPress data in minutes. Charge for API calls or timed access, trials. Fully compatible with major e-Commerce plugins and solutions. Logging and auditing available.

Plug and Play

Expose your WordPress data as in CSV, XML or JSON format in a couple of clicks. A powerful and comfortable UI/UX experience. Instant results, no surprises. Video tutorials, simple instructibles, documentation; everything you need to build out APIs fast.

No Subscriptions

We won’t bill you periodically for our products. Pay once, keep using for an unlimited time on an unlimited number of sites, receive updates forever. Every purchase comes with a 30-day premium support period and money-back guarantee.

100% Developer-friendly

An amazing internal API lets anyone with basic knowledge of PHP add API modules to our builder plugin in a safe, predictable way. Excellent documentationPower mobile apps, export data on-demand, create headless websites and do much much more with the power of bridges. Tens of use cases.

Premium Support

Extended premium support available for guidance, consulting and auditing. Our team can help you push our WordPress API builder to a new level. Need something extra developed? We got you covered – simply request features and get them implemented in updates in mere hours.

Looking for the PRO version? It’s being worked on and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s available if you leave your email address below. We’ll email you just once.

estimated API requests served and counting...
"I built out order exports using bridges with WooCommerce that I my dropshippers access on-demand. Not a single line of code was written and they are all happy."
Nickolas Vachinsky
Trains and Tracks Shop, LTD.
"I'm providing real estate data from Estatik to registered agents and making money on the information I sell. bridges was easy to setup and the support team went out of their way to implement some of the features I needed. Hands down the best closed-beta I've ever participated in."
Paaf Malchin
PM-Realty Moscow

bridges free is currently in open public beta. bridges PRO is in a closed beta. If you’d like to send suggestions, have questions or other feedback please contact us any time at support@pressjitsu.com


bridges is a Pressjitsu, Inc. product
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